Altijd leuk, het verhaal van Tesla bij de Fordfabriek, ieder heeft zijn eigen versie. Voor WordPressers zal ik een versie maken met de heel enge White Screen of Death:

Ken je dit verhaal?

  • Klant ziet alleen nog een wit scherm, hele website weg, dat was maanden werk!
  • Engineer instructs customer to do something really simple which solves the problem, usually involving a chalk mark.
    In ons geval “log in via FTP, deactiveer plugins of thema, overschrijf die en die bestanden”
  • Engineer submits invoice for a large, round number. Usually $10,000.
  • Skeptical factory owner asks for an itemised invoice.
  • Itemised invoice says “Making chalk mark, $1. Knowing where to make it $9,999”.
  • Invoice is paid without further question.

How long this story has been around is a mystery. It’s probably best viewed as a homily that amply demonstrates the difference between the value of an action and that of the knowledge behind the action. Anyone who has handed his car over to a mechanic knows the lesson of this legend very well. With a few smooth moves, a skilled grease monkey can strike straight to the heart of that annoyingly disturbing sound the car owner was baffled by. Ultimately, the solution may come down to a matter of tightening a few errant screws, and thus seem (on the surface, at least) to have not required all that much effort. But even as he winces over the bill, the car owner is struck by the realization if the problem had been left solely with him, he’d never have solved it or even known where to have begun.

As this legend points out, performing the actual labor can easily be the smallest part of the process, with the real value lying in correctly diagnosing the problem and coming up with a viable solution to it.

Je snapt de moraal van dit verhaal?
Ultimately, a task is worth whatever the person who needs it performed is willing to pay, whether the work is cerebral or manual. What the tool-wielding specialist does to earn his fee varies depending upon his area of expertise.

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